Customized Workouts

What are one-on-one workouts?

A one-on-one workout is your opportunity to receive specialized football instruction from an Elite Football School coach either individually or with a small group of friends. Complementing your busy schedule, these workouts can take place at any time and almost anywhere, from your backyard to a public athletic facility close to home. One-on-one workouts are perfect for the young athlete looking to sharpen his skills at a time when football season is over or when camp is not in session.

What are group sessions?

Group sessions are “small camps” which last 2 hours in length and focus on small group instruction as opposed to one on one workouts. There are many benefits to small group instruction as opposed to one on one workouts. Some of the best benefits are competition and peer motivation. We try to keep an athlete to staff ratio of 1:6 during these sessions.

What athletes are eligible for one-on-one workouts?

We welcome all male athletes at least 5 years old. No prior football experience is necessary, and we will work with individuals of all skill levels.

How do the workouts work?

One-on-one workouts last for 45 minutes. The session will begin with a warm-up, followed by a skill review, and then will close with speed/agility training. You may schedule a personal workout or a workout with a group of friends. You do not need to supply any equipment; we will supply all necessary equipment for the workouts.

How do I schedule a workout?

Workouts can be scheduled by calling or texting 401.261.5579 or by e-mailing us at  You may purchase a package right on our registration page.  

If interested in group sessions, please coordinate a day and time that works for all group members prior to contacting the Elite Football School.

*Rates are subject to change based on workout location